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Cetaphil Baby Review!

Of my 3 girls, Naya's skin has always been the most sensitive. Most days, she'd have skin rashes and allergies that would worsen and have us visiting her pedia-allergologist for advise and medication. It was then she recommended Cetaphil for Naya. Just cleansing our baby's skin is not enough, that is why I always use Cetaphil to keep her skin healthy and nourished the way our baby's skin deserves!🤗 What I love about Cetaphil is that it guarantees 5-fold protection for my baby's delicate skin. And by 5-fold I mean, 1. GENTLE, it's non-irritating and gentle to baby's skin with no harmful checmicals 2. SOOTHING, it has panthenol that soothes the skin 3. MOISTURE SEAL, keeping my baby's skin moist & hydrated 4. SKIN BARRIER, protects the skin against water loss and penetration of irritants and lastly, 5. HYPOALLERGENIC, this has long been proven and tested! Cetaphil Baby is filled with the most gentle ingredients safe for our baby's delicated skin. Now that's how you can give the #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves. Oh, did I mention Naya also has a history of eczema? Good thing Cetaphil also has products for eczema-prone skin - Cetaphil PRO! I use Cetaphil PRO AD Derma Skin Restoring Wash & Moisturizer as recommended by her pedia.💙 Try it too mommy, so you won't have to worry about your child's skin suffering from flare-ups again!✨ Add to cart na!😊 *LAZADA* *SHOPEE* #theasianparentph #CetaphilBaby5foldProtection #CetaphilBaby #CetaphilProAdDerma

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Cetaphil Baby Review!
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