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What's the best breastfeeding tips you can offer? I'm going to give birth to my 3rd child however both my previous kids couldn't latch or I didnt have enough breast milk to sustain them. How would you
Not Feeling Pregnant
I dont feel pregnant at all yet I'm 17 weeks. I dont have any morning sickness, no cravings, tummy not huge & haven't felt baby move yet. Found out I'm having a boy after 2 girls, was excited when fou
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Hi... congrats and you’re one of the lucky few that doesn’t suffer from morning sickness. Enjoy your pregnancy journey
Tonsils During Second Trimester
My tonsils are inflamed, neck is stiff and I'm finding it very hard to swallow or breathe properly. Do I need to see my gynecologist or gp?
Better to see gynae as certain medications are not allowed during pregnancy. Take care and get well soon!
Consult gynae