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Myths And Truth About Breastfeeding ? Spicy Food will cause Nursing Baby Gas Food a mother eats do not give her baby gas. Spicy foods will add flavor to mother's milk, thereby giving baby an early introduction to new flavors. ? You can’t get Pregnant while Breastfeeding Breastfeeding can be effective form of birth control only if your baby is 6 months or under and is exclusively breastfeeding and you haven’t start menstruating ? Breastmilk is Lighter that Formula Milk Breastmilk has a much higher content of fat and is more dense and the nutrients are more readily absorbed as compared to formula milk ? Don’t nurse the baby after shower they will get cold Breastmilk is always warm and is readily available at the optimal temperature , Unless of you are suffer from hypothermia or fever. ? Breastfeeding changes the shape of your breasts Change in shape of breasts can be due to the result of pregnancy and hormones but in some cases it can be due to breastfeeding ? Formula fed babies sleep better. Formula fed babies do not sleep better, although they may sleep longer. Because formula milk doesn't get digested as quickly. ? No leaking means no milk or less milk Once the baby acquires feeding routine at around 6-12 weeks leaking usually stops because breasts now make milk according to your baby’s need. ? Small breasts can’t make more milk Breast size doesn't matter at all. Milk production has nothing to do with breast size.Just make sure to understand the needs of your baby and breastfeed as and when demanded to ensure adequate production of milk. ? You can’t breastfeed of on medication Most medicines are safe to take while breastfeeding, usually only a small amount of the medicine may appear in breast milk and may not be bad.

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