Best way of supporting a growing child

#workingMom Hi everyone! I'm interested to know your thoughts and opinion on this 😊 Both of us are earning gross 5k a month, but eventually when the baby is born i would like to quit my job and be around to take care of baby and also spend time because it is important to be there for the child during the starting years. How other parents are planning/have planned to do so? Would it make financial strain on the other person who will have to work full time? Especially considering getting a flat soon as well. Thank you all 😊

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If you are confident of financial stability then you can go ahead to resign from work life. This comes to a point where it also mean you have sufficient savings for renovation, house loan, insurance, baby needs, etc. If you are not confident and still need to achieve your monthly goal in order to ensure it is sufficient then you continue working. I have my husband working solely, while I'm a SAHM. I have been working in the hotel industry for quite awhile and have to quit because of my first child and medical reason of second pregnancy. But I do still work PT now at a flexible time so as not to feel bored and atleast have some in hand while also being able to manage my second pregnancy as well as my first child. My suggestion would be to not take drastic actions of quitting esp if you have not yet get your house with all settle. Hope this helps and perhaps, you can discuss with your spouse to come to an agreement.

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