Test at 12 weeks

Which test should we go for at 12 weeks - OSCAR or NIPT? Also, may I know what all tests should we undergo during pregnancy? #advicepls #pregnancy

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It depends on how much accuracy u're looking for. NIPT has a higher accuracy on detecting genetic disorders and u'll be able to know baby's gender too without having to wait for the detailed scan at wk 20. For me, I took NIPT as my hubby and I aren't ready to deal with doubts as OSCAR has lower accuracy and we couldn't wait to know baby's gender too. It's more expensive tho, mine was more than 1k, OSCAR is much cheaper. Other tests perhaps gestational diabetes test at 24 wks and GBS ard 35 wks. Don't worry abt it, your gynae will advise and arrange for u to be tested.

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OSCAR I think it's about 80-85% accuracy but NIPT or NIFTY is 99.9% (It cost more too) If you'd like to compare which test is suitable for you, you can read this article https://link.healthsmile.co.th/NIPT-NIFTY-comparison

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