Which screening tests are recommended for me during the second trimester?

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1. blood test Blood tests during the second trimester of pregnancy include several blood tests called multiple markers. This test is done to determine the risk of birth defects or genetic abnormalities in the baby. This test is best done at weeks 16 to 18 of pregnancy. 2. Blood sugar test Blood sugar test is used to diagnose gestational diabetes. This is a condition that can develop during pregnancy. This condition can increase cesarean delivery because babies of mothers with gestational diabetes usually have a larger size. This test can also be done after pregnancy if the woman has high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. Or if you have low blood sugar levels after giving birth. 3. 3. Amniocentesis During amniocentesis, amniotic fluid is removed from the uterus for testing. It contains fetal cells with the same genetic makeup as an infant, as well as various chemicals produced by the baby's body. There are several types of amniocentesis.

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