What is a sensory bottle

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Sensory bottle is a type of sensory play, which offers a “hands on” approach to help babies make sense of the world and learn to make different connections through play. It is easy to make with endless number of possibilities and creations. Babies and toddlers could learn through playing with the bottles. Also, it could be calming to some babies. They are also suitable for all ages (see this article for some ideas which are related to science for the older children: http://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/5-easy-science-discovery-bottles/)

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What is a sensory bottle - It is a bottle - preferably unbreakable, made out of plastic - that holds inside it a variety of different materials that stimulate your baby’s senses. How does it work? - From the day your baby is born their senses - sight, sounds, taste, touch and smell develops at a rapid pace. Your baby will show interest in touching, feeling and tasting new things. They will shake things, throw them, and love to make noise with what can be found around them.

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