Drinks for pregnancy

Hi all. What drinks do you order when you’re pregnant? I feel that I don’t have much beverage options to choose from since we can’t drink tea, gassy drinks, fruit juices.. etc... I was also told to avoid drinks with lemon/lime etc.. so what options can I order when I’m out? 🙁 Please share! #pregnancy #advicepls

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Lemon and lime drink is fine.. for me, other than avoiding alcohol entirely. I still drink other beverage in moderate amount (eg. glass of iced tea 2 or 3 times a week)

I drink fruit juices, lime and lemon. All ok. Occasionally I treat myself to bubble tea as bonus :)

milk soya bean ginger lemon milo freshly squeeze juice water coconut barley

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Gassy drinks like 100 Plus or sprite still acceptable.. drink moderation

I do drink drink coffee and tea. Just limit to one cup a day!


i still take the ocassional coffee/tea. otherwise i just drink Milo.

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I avoid cold drinks. Best is warm plain water. Soya bean, milo

I drank some fruit juice and plain water

Barley water, coconut, all in moderation

anything except alcohol ☕🍵🧋