Marry or not?

So my (then) boyfriend and I had a child. But back then he didn’t want the kid and forced me into abortion. Our child is 6 months old now and never have he once visited both my son and I. But recently, he texted me and told me he wants to be responsible for us and asked me to marry him. Deep down, I would like to because I want to give my son a proper family to grow up in. But I am not sure if would ever love me as a wife. He broke up with his girlfriend in order to marry me. But he constantly tells his ex gf that he chose responsibilities over love. And they will always love each other from afar. What should I do? I am really so vexed about it. Can I marry this guy whom I love so much as a husband, but knowing that I will never have his heart? Side note , I have terrible relations with my parents. My parents locked me up at home and take my child away from me despite I am someone in my late 20s.

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you probably already know the answer in your heart. don't marry for the sake of getting married. getting married doesn't mean you will be giving your child a complete home or family.

Your head won’t hurt u but your heart will! Hang in there mummy!!