6weeks after IVF/FET scan show baby 5wk+

Second scan after 6week passed FET. Last scan 2weeks ago seen yolk sac only. Today scan show baby with heart beat. But still say it’s about 5week+ and slow heart beat. I was still put in risky stage and asked to come back two weeks later. Dr say there’s nothing much I can do. Just wait for next scan to see improvement. This is my first pregnancy. So anxious. Is any mummy experience before? Any tips for healthy baby growth? My calorie intake is about 1400/1500 cal. Now I am thinking to eat more. #firsttimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

6weeks after IVF/FET scan show baby 5wk+
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I don't think its about the calories intake. My gynae says at early pregnancy, it is likely due to chromosomal abnomalities in the embryo when it fails to implant/grow/develop. Don't stress too much about that. Not sure if you'd wanna consider taking maternal milk for better nutrients? I took maternal milk when my nausea kicked in and I wasn't having good appetite. Hoping that you'll have some good news on your next scan. Take care!

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did they monitor your hormone level? i did IVF too and have to take hormone blood test weekly to monitor the HCG, progesterone and estadiol till week 8 scan which show the baby is growing well. if your HCG is rising slowly coupled with the slow growing embryo, chances of miscarriage is high. but hope the baby is going strong 💪

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this is up to the genetic fusing and cell development. have the proper prenatal vitamins instead of eating more.

3mo ago

I asked the dr whether I should take multi vitamins . She was saying all her medicine are strong dose and supporting the womb and no need vitamin. So I don’t dare to take vitamins my own.

hang in there. follow what the doctor says and try to eat comfort food. sending all positive vibes.