Abdominal & back pain

Okay dumb question for a 2nd timer like me 🥲 I'm 33 weeks preggo and been having abdominal cramps plus lower back pain. I can't rmb if I had Braxton Hicks before but this kind of feels similar to what I felt when I was in labor. So far no mucus plug discharge just this uncomfortable feeling. Pain goes away when I change position but it's just making me cautious 😅 I've heard that those pregnant with baby number 2 normally have fast labour compared to the firstborn. When did you gave birth to number 2 ? (Before edd , on the exact edd or after?) Hope to hear from mummies here! #advicepls

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I'm 33 weeks too and 2nd child too! would prefer for him to be born into the new year. Hehe. but let's see how.