Is it necessary for Babies/kids to eat organic vegetables & use organic products like shampoo body soap etc?

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Organic which usually refers to organic produce are from cleaner farming practises which does not involve or restricts the amount and type of pesticides and fertilisers used in the farming process. It is usually processed without the use of irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives. However the definition internationally is different and there isn't any institution to govern the practice - so generally, a cleaner and better farming practice In terms of food there is no conclusion as some studies show yes, some shows no benefit as compared to normal. I think it is absolutely normal to want to have the best and the safest for our kids and since there is so much hype about organic, why not right? But be assured that there is nothing significantly superior about organic plus the products that you buy also contain a lot of other stuff which will lower the 'organic-ness" to it. If you feel compelled to go organic but don't want to at the same time, a good place to start is to buy organic for the "dirty 12" produce(food). All other shampoo and soap or spray are often marketing gimmick to incite our interest with no real superior qualities over another, but u can still purchase them if u want or want to support the organic practices that they might be supporting

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