Anxious of my Third Pregnancy

Hi mummies, In 2017 I had 2 failed preganancies after taking Clomid. First one was Miscarriage and the second one was Ectopic pregnancy which result of having my right tube taken. I was emotionally affected with those events and stopped trying till last year. We went to see an OB again and she gave me letrazole but unfortunately it did not work. So, I decided to just leave it to God and wait for his blessing. And it came a surprise for me and my husband last week. I am pregnant!We immediately went to the doctor for a scan as I am more anxious because of my history. However, the scan was not clear yet as the embryo was still small so we are going back next week for another apointment. While waiting for that day to come, I am becoming more anxious especially when some cramps and pain on my left side of my abdomen and pelvis. I am praying that this pregnancy will be healthy and my baby gets to grow normally. ??

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