Can travel to jb at 32 weeks?

Hey mummies! Can we still travel to jb for a day trip at 32 weeks by land border? Will the ICA stops us from exiting the country cause heard before that we can't travel when we r about 7 month pregnant. If so, can we travel without asking gynea since its just a day trip?

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Traveling at 32 weeks pregnant depends on individual health, distance, and mode of travel. Consult your healthcare provider for personalized advice. Consider factors like comfort, accessibility to medical care, and potential risks before making any travel decisions. [Bigbury on sea](

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Hi! I went into JB recently with my hub and I was at 32 weeks without asking gynae. ICA and JB customs both don’t bother if I’m pregnant. So need not worry and won’t be stopped. If only you’re flying then you need a gynae’s letter but usu advised not to fly during last trimester.

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