Just ranting to fellow mummies..

Hi Mummies, I am so tired with my husband that keep telling me I am a failure mother useless mother. Our son is a type that’s very active. He loves to run n explore and he wont sit still. My husband blames it on me for not teaching him properly and for not learning from google how to “tame” toddlers. He is 21 months old btw. Just 2 days ago, we came back from in law house and our son didnt want to sit on the car seat for the first time. Instead of helping my husband just say “If you cant make him sit, then you consider as failure mother” he just sit on the driver seat there and said this kind. I am so so so pissed off. He expects me to read from google like once everyday. Right now he blames everything on me and my mother. He said just because he earns more I am supposed to take care of our son most of the time. I am also working btw. Sorry for the rant mummies, need someone to talk to badly.

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