Cardiac/ high risk pregnancy scan at week 16

Hi mummies, can I check if any of your gynae recommended this scan at week 16? How is it done and under what circumstances that they recommend us to do this? Thank you :)#1stimemom

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I just entered 17 wks and I did NIPT scan for down syndrome + blood test for pre eclampsia, next would be the detailed scan in 2+ wks time :) trust ur gynae and don't think too much! sometimes age plays a factor also and past conditions.

2mo ago

hi Clare, thanks for sharing your experience! and congrats on your #3! 😊 The gynae shared info on amniocentesis as NIPT is not 100%, but he did not insist on us doing it. When he shared about the risk of amnio, my hub and I were even more afraid to do it as it really sounded scary. 😱so right now, we just wanna trust the nipt results and hope for the best.

I am 35 and I also have this scan at 16 weeks (next week). i am also first time pregnant. how old are you?

2mo ago

hi Mel, I am 36. I just checked with my doc why I need to do that test was because I had thick NT of 3mm though NIPT low risk. So he wanted to check for other (e.g. heart abnormalities). But test result came out well, baby is ok. 🙏

I’m week 16 too. I just did 3 months scan and also nipt, the next scan would be 20weeks scan Liao

2mo ago

oh ok..maybe because of my age then got extra 'step' :x

I was recommended this cos of elevated NT during Oscar test

2mo ago

thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!🙏😊 after the test then I found out that the gynae was scanning mostly on the heart.😆