27 week pregnant

Hi mummies anyone experience backpain more on the right and cramp on ur stomach at 27 weeks pregnant?

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It is normal. This is due to stretching of the uterus, baby's growing and limited space within our womb hence with the restrictions, you will feel pain that comes and go. It can also be due to baby kicks,movement, stretching,turning. Nothing to be concern of unless it is persistent pain and you don't feel comfortable. Highly advise to lay on ur left side instead of right side. Both pregnancy, Ive been sleeping on my left side.

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12mo ago

Nothing to worry, it can be just a regular abdominal pain. I get pain too as well,but usually lying down or seating I always have cushion. And whenever I do chores or going out,ill use maternity support. Sometimes it can also be pain like you constipation. It is nothing serious unless pain very unbearable ill go O&G KKH to check and request ultrasound or let them further check.

You could try pre-natal massage to help relieve the pain.