Calcium supplements?

Hi Moms, I'm 17wks and currently taking prenatal vitamin which contains 150mg of Calcium. My body doesn't tolerate lactose well so I don't drink milk. Do I need to take additional calcium supplements? My friends told me they experienced joint pains and loosening teeth at the 3rd trimester probably due to calcium deficiency 😰 #firstbaby #pleasehelp

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check with your gynae if you need more. joint pains in third trimester due to the massive weight you’re carrying! body is growing a baby faster than your joints can keep up!

2y ago

Noted. Thanks for your reply. I'll check with my gynae in the next appointment

best to get your calcium source from food. soy milk is a great alternative to cows milk. give it a try. I personally find Vitasoy Lite and Creamy delicious.

2y ago

Thanks a lot for your recommendation 😘 I'm trying to include more calcium-rich foods in my diet as well. I made homemade soy milk but wasn't sure if it contained enough calcium. The Vitasoy Lite seems to be a good substitute 👍