Having light bleeding during 11 weeks pregnant

Hi, im currently 11++ weeks pregnant and having bright red light bleeding, about half of pantyliner with a bit of clot size of small worm feeling pressure at lower abdomen as well. Should i be concern or monitor for few more hours? #advicepls

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I would suggest that you go to A and E or the Thomson Medical 24h clinic. If you are miscarrying, they can give you a progesterone injection and that might sometimes be able to stop the miscarriage. The fact that you have bright red blood and clots is worrying.

Hi. I’m currently 13 weeks 3 days and suddenly I see the bright red light bleeding just as you said above. Size of small warm clot is there and sometimes feel a light pain in lower left abdomen. Was your baby okay? I’m worrying much and can’t sleep.

I would strongly suggest you go A&E dear. I went through this before and it was a miscarriage.

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it's normal. but just monitor it pls! if feeling weird pls go see your gynae!