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Hi all! I'm 38w4d now and have another checkup with kkh this coming thurs. They told me last week that it would be a cervix check for dilation. 👀 Although I've been through those checks before, it was during the time I was in labour & contractions. 😅 And that was already super uncomfortable. Is it going to be the same feeling? I've no signs of labour yet and am feeling anxious for the upcoming appointment. 😅 Any tips for me or how I should prepare myself? I hope I get a gentle doctor and not someone rough 😅 (subsidised patient)

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Hi mummy! I did a cervix checked 2 times as well as i have mild contraction. Really depends on how gentle the nurses will be. My 1st was alil uncomfortable.. but my second was super gentle. So i guess depends on individual hand i guess? HAHAHAHA!! Dnt worry! Its gonna be a quick one!