Is choking while breastfeeding dangerous?

Hi, i have 2 week old baby who often chokes when breastfeeding (1x per session), he would choke (cough, but not losing breath) and pull his head from my breast after that. I usually use craddle position and also use a nipple shield (because i have short nipple). Is it dangerous? What caused him to choke? What should I do to prevent it? Is bottlefeeding better to prevent choking? Thanks in advance, i'm really worried #1stimemom #firstbaby #advicepls #breasfeedingmom

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you can try different positions like he lying on top of you for example. so that the milk flow isn't that hard. after a month it will settle as he learned to breast feed better. 👉 Please leave a ❤ for my #tapmario photo contest. Thank you very much.

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You have a good supply of breast milk. Just cover his fontanelle using your hand. And elevate his head. After 3 to 4 weeks, he will get use to it, and your body will adjust also.