Nausea came back 18wks

I had extremely bad nausea until week 16 and had to take meds 3x day. From week 16 I started feeling better and in week 17 nausea was only in the evening. Now I'm in week 18 and strong nausea came back and have to take meds it normal? Did you also have sudden return of nausea in week 18? I'm exhausted.

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same as you, week 18 with strong nausea, really exhausting :( was better in my first tri though, but keep feeling nauseated since my 2nd Tri :(

Week 20 coming week 21 soon, I’m still feeling nausea and tend to vomit in the evening. It went away for awhile too and came back😭😭😭

me too! DX still having nausea now. Feeling terrible...