GD Detected at Thomson

Hi, I just did my OGTT test at TMC last Sat and the result came back I’ve got GD. My gynae told me that the Diabetic Nurse of TMC will call me and explain about what’s next. I haven’t receive a call from them as of today Monday yet. Being a first time mom, I’m a bit ganjeong. Wonder if any of you have similar experience with TMC before? Wonder when should I expect to hear from them? #Gdm #TMC #firsttimemom

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We met our doctor in TMC and she explained it to us face to face. My wife had GD, most likely due to the huge intake of rice in her first trimester. Our doctor advised us to get the blood glucose test machine and followed her instruction of testing (i.e. 3 times a day in the first 2 weeks). We have to submit the result to her and she will advise us on the frequency of testing. Fortunately my wife does not need to adjust her diet much except to control the rice intake. We tested about 3 times a week subsequently all the way till she gave birth. No complications and all is good.

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It will be like a chit chat session with them. First they will ask u if there is any family history/your lifestyle habit/the food or drink u normally take. Based on that, they will be able advise you further what to take for better sugar intake control. Then they will teach u how to do the tracking of the sugar intake at home. TMC called me on the following Monday when i know it on Thuraday.

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1y ago

Thanks! I just got a call from the nurse this morning as well!

normally within 3 working days!