My husband and I went to the doctors appointment this morning for a follow up and found out through the scan that she turned 180 degrees making her into a breech position when she's nearing her due date. My window is starts on the 31st of July. How can I make her turn before the EDD. She's been in a head down position since 32 weeks now she just turned last minute within a week!#1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby #pleasehelp #pregnancy

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talk to her really. tell her to be a good girl and cooperate 😅

2mo ago

Pretty much all I have been doing all day. Even her Dad is talking her to move her head down. I've been researching ways to get her to move again. 😩 Can't believe this is happening last minute. Doctor was also shocked- she said it's very rare at this stage that babies move to a breech position.