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#firsttimemom Hi , my girl has been drinking lesser and lesser from her formula milk. The tin shows that she need 210ml each time but somehow she only manage to drink 70-150ml or even less ! She doesn’t even feel hungry , sometime she can go up 6-7hour without drinking. Currently 5 month now. Has anyone face this issue before or should I bring her to visit doctor ? No fussiness , just super sleepy (16hour-17hour of sleep ).

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the amount on the tin is just a rough gauge, because it also depends on how many times you are feeding per day. if u see the pd the doc will tell u that if your baby is gaining weight, peeing and pooing well it is totally fine. at 3 months old, some of my friend's kid is drinking 350ml to 500ml total per day (they grew up fine and healthy, 3yo+ now) while they should be drinking 700ml/800ml according to the formula that they use to calculate how much they should drink, weight multiply by 150. eg if weight is 5kg multiply by 150, baby should be drinking 750ml. but this is just a reference only also. most can't reach the amount and is totally fine. my kid should be drinking 900+ml according to this formula but only drinks 700 - 800ml. during bad times 500+ml. same thing pd will always say that if your baby looks fine, weight gaining, pee and poo normal then it's ok.

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