Birthday cake

Hi everyone My son is turning 1 yo soon. However he is allergic to peanut, milk & egg ?. Anyone can recommend a cake which doesnt use any one of those in the ingredients? Or other alternatives besides cake? TIA ✌

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You can try eggless cake which some cake shop they have.

Maybe you can try Agar Agar Jelly Cakes. Inform them about the allergies before placing order.

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Maybe jelly heart cake??

Try this. They gt different types of cakes to suit individual needs

Yes agar agar! Or if not, maybe a nugget "cake" or his fav food haha

Try agar agar! They have very nice fancy design these days too and it taste yum!

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Try Emicakes. See if they can omit all those ingredients..

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Can your son take coconut milk? Maybe can give him agar agar cake?

2y ago

Oh yes!!! Thanks for sharing! 🥰