Sudden loss of symptoms and light bleeding

Hi everyone, I’m at week 6 day 6. I had been having brown spotting lately and when I went to the toilet just now, I realised it gradually become light pink. even when I wiped I can see light pink streaks. My boobs just completely stopped feeling full and sensitive.. is it miscarriage or? I don’t get to see my gynae till next Monday though. I’ve had a miscarriage before, hence I’m really panicking. #advicepls

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I had blood clot and bleeding after 6 weeks 3 days . I went to see a doc. After scan the egg baby is fine but the doc said my episode was called threatened miscarriage. so I bled when I woke up and then when I went to pee, it looked like period. then while wiping I had blood clot. in the midst of panicking and finding a doc, I changed to another pantyliner. the bleeding stopped. doc also shared the blood which came out were old blood. so don't panic. just quickly go see a doc.

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Hi there, it's better to go consult a gynae. Contact them and tell them about your symptoms, they should be able to reschedule your appointment.

can consult your gynae if you’re pte. if you’re under public hosp and really worried, just go to a&e