Public bone pain @ 27 weeks

Anyone experiencing pubic bone pain at 27 weeks ? I've had this pain before during 1st pregnancy but it was somewhere aft 30+ weeks. I feel extra pain as well down there especially if I walk alot. Is this normal or should I bring this up on my next checkup? #2023birth #lastTrimester #help

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I am having same issues too. Had to walk alot at work and once I get up from my seat, i literally can’t move. And when i managed to move, it feels like i am just learning how to walk and has to clench my fists n grit my teeth😩😩. Do u think hospital will give HL to rest at home??

😭 Same issue but mine start on 16weeks. I've consult my doctor which nothing can be done. Just use a maternity back support band.

5mo ago

oh no🥲 guess I'll just have to tahan and avoid doing heavy duty chores that triggers the pain ,😅 hwaiting mummy!!

hi mommy, it's always best to consult your doctor and mention during your check up