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3 Winners Stand to Win $250 worth of Betadine Products
Start Date : 2019-07-30End Date : 2019-08-15

Each set contains products such as Betadine's Skin Cleanser, Clear Liquid Bandage, and more!

BETADINE® is a trusted brand amongst consumers at home to treat small wounds and grazes, sore throats, as well as daily hygiene, stopping minor problems from escalating into big issues. With over 60 years of experience with healthcare institutions and homes, BETADINE® products offer quick and safe treatment methods to allow individuals and their families to continue living their lives without complications.

And together with theAsianparent, BETADINE® wants to protect your family as well! In line with the launch of their Clear Liquid Bandage, we are giving away $250 worth of Betadine products to THREE lucky winners so that your rambunctious children can continue being their inquisitive selves, exploring and enjoying what life has to offer.

To participate and stand a chance to win, simply: 

1. Follow the Facebook and/or Instagram pages of Betadine and theAsianparent

Betadine: |

theAsianparent: |
2. In the answer field below, share with us a heartwarming anecdote (as short story/experience) on the activities that you do with your children, and how BETADINE can help protect them from small cuts and injuries.

That's all :) Contest ends 14 August 2019 and winners will be announced via theAsianparent Instagram stories and/or giveaway highlights. All the best!


Terms and conditions:

1. Contest will run for two weeks from 31 July to 14 August 2019. 
2. In order to join the giveaway, participants' Instagram accounts have to be made public.
3. This giveaway is only open to Singapore residents (or have a Singapore mailing address).
4. Winners will be chosen by Betadine.
5. Winners who do not respond to our emails within 48 hours will be forfeited and new winners will be chosen.
6. Each participant can only enter this giveaway once.This promotion is sponsored by theAsianparent app. Apple Inc. or any other company is in no way associated with this promotion.