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Overview of Congo Traveler Registration

https://ru.ivisa.com/drc-congo-traveler-registration The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located in the Great Lakes Region, Eastern Africa. This country is dangerous and fragile. The Congolese government has not lifted a finger to guarantee the safety of its citizens and has in fact adopted harsh laws that have resulted in many innocent lives lost and a devastated country. If you are looking for an African destination with a low cost but scenic beauty, then Congo is not the place for you. These are some travel tips that will ensure your safety while you're in Africa. The first tip to travel safely in Congo is to hire a private travel agency that specializes in the safekeeping of travelers. Don't be tempted by brochures offering low rates or other offers. It is essential that you check the credentials of the agent before deciding to book with him. This is vital because if you are injured while traveling, the insurance provided by the agency will not cover your losses. In addition to this, some agencies require you to pay a security deposit. Do not assume that just because your name is John Smith that you can easily get a cheap rate from a travel agency. You can contact the travel agency directly to get a variety of options, including booking tickets, paying a deposit, and choosing how many days you want to travel. One thing that should always be remembered is never to hand over your personal information or money to anyone that you do not know. There have been instances when tourists were taken without their knowledge and held at gunpoint. It is crucial that you immediately report any fraud to your local police or security service. Reporting such incidents to the authorities is your only legal recourse. Another important tip that will help you avoid being a victim of fraud is to carry a camera with you. You have two options: either you can take the camera yourself or have it sent to your home through the DRC headquarters. It is important that you note that Congo does not allow photo processing. So, it is best to ensure that the person who is processing your registration has a valid photo license issued by the relevant bureau. Registration does not end here. You will have to attend a special meeting where officials from all the departments of the government will gather to verify your registration. Once your documentation has been processed, you will be given a certificate that will give you access to all DRC facilities. This certificate will also serve to prove your entry into the country. The last step of the registration process involves payment for the certificate. It is important to ensure that you have enough money to cover the payment for the certificate. You can pay your registration fee with a credit card offered by some travel agencies in Congo. However, it is wise to check with the travel agency whether they allow credit cards or not as it can be difficult to arrange a flight with a card.

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