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Why I trust Cetaphil Baby?

As a first time mom, I only want the best for my twins. That’s why I only trust #CetaphilBaby for their sensitive skin. They were born premature that’s why I have to be extra careful with everything that I use for them. Especially to their skin. Herthe 5-Fold Protection to keep their skin healthy, which I’ve been doing ever since I started using Cetaphil Baby for their bath time 1. Gentle – gently cleanses skin and does not irritate the skin or eyes 2. Soothing – contains soothing panthenol 3. Moisture Seal – keeps skin moist and hydrated 4. Skin Barrier – respects the skin barrier of delicate and sensitive skin 5. Hypoallergenic– allergy tested Cetaphil Baby is filled with gentle ingredients safe to use on our kids’ delicate skin for their bath time sessions. For eczema-prone skin, check out their Cetaphil PRO line! You never have to worry about your child's skin suffering from flare-ups! Give the #HealthyStartBabySkinDeserves with Cetaphil Baby. Available in Shopee and Lazada LAZADA https://bit.ly/3IzLIR7 SHOPEE https://bit.ly/3DB6DzG

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Why I trust Cetaphil Baby?
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