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Bhutan Health Declaration Form - How To Stick to a Proper Diet While You Travel to Bhuta Individuals who wish to avail of Bhutan medical insurance must get a copy of this Bhutan Health Declaration Form from their local department. This official legal document certifies that the individual has agreed to the principles of Bhutan’s universal health care and sanitary system. It gives residents of Bhutan the right to choose private treatment in hospitals that are provided by the government or any other healthcare facility that is approved by the government. These facilities will not be required of the patient. The declaration also states that the individual has the liberty to change their mind about opting for treatment on the day they sign it, if they don't want to. To be eligible for proper treatment in Bhutan you must have signed up for the Bhutan health declaration form. You may ask for the copy at any clinic or hospital in Bhutan. You can also request one at the foreign healthcare provider. You should bring the completed form with you to your checkup. This will allow the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and provide the right treatment. The Bhutan health declaration form details the different services that are available to you, as a resident of Bhutan. The first service that you can avail is for yourself. The declaration states that in order to avail of proper treatment in Bhutan, you must follow the basic food habits of Bhutan, which are mainly rice and vegetables, and avoid meats. To be healthy, you may have to give up your favorite foods as most people today eat meat. In addition to this, you must take proper diet care. Bhutan's health declaration form requires that you follow a proper diet. This means that you should not eat anything that isn't natural to you. For example, you should avoid using honey or salt. You must also avoid buying food stuffs from stores that aren't clearly marked as 'Bhutan-branded'. Finally, the form specifies that you need to be careful about the food that you take, and only take bhutan-approved food stuffs. Since Bhutan has strict laws on its residents' diet, most tourists usually fall foul of this rule. You could be fined if you eat non-Bhutan food declaration foods. Some tourists are known to be careless and make mistakes in their diets, which ends up in them having to pay a fine. Even if you find yourself in this situation, it is best to contact your local tour operator or travel company for assistance. Another tip that many tourists have been known to follow is to ensure that they don't take too much fruit and vegetables, as this is considered to be unhygienic in Bhutan. When you decide to visit Bhutan, one of the best ways to ensure that you are staying healthy is to stick to a proper diet. A healthy diet will help you to stay fit and maintain your weight. The Bhutan health declaration form states that you should consume at least nine servings of fruits and six servings per day. This will ensure that you can enjoy a balanced diet when you visit Bhutan.

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