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Enjoy Your Stay In Austria With its historic and beautiful landscape and enchanting people Austria is a great place to explore. The most essential and popular tourist destinations include the Alps, the Rhineland, the Inn Johannim, the Rieslingen, and theuhnkranz. Following are a few travel tips to assist you navigate this fascinating country and its amazing attractions. If you love a little bit of civilization, you will surely wish to spend a while in Vienna. Here you can visit the Wedding March, the Opera, and the Schloss Charlottenburg. There are also plenty of art museums here so that you can see some of the fantastic works from the Renaissance period to contemporary art. Among the most popular night life places here is in the Baroque Theatine Church. Next on our list of Austria travel tips is your Rhineland. Located between Germany and Italy, this gorgeous country delivers the best of the two worlds. Its architecture is magnificent, and it is also home to some of the prettiest and most lively cities in Europe. You'll discover a lot of exciting shopping facilities as well as castles, which are all great places to remain during your stay. Lovers of the outdoors and outdoor activities will love Austria. There are over 30 castles and forests which are worth visiting, hiking paths, and nature paths. Even the Carpat glacier is one of Austria's most popular natural attractions and you will have the ability to view it from many places like the Hofburg or the Von Recklingen mountain peaks. Among the more Historic areas in Austria is That the Styrian Mountains. While visiting this area, you should certainly pay a visit to the Grossari Gate, where you can observe the 12th century castle and the fortress that protected the Hohe Tauern. You will also wish to take some time to tour another regions of the country such as the Lower Austria region, the Southern Austria region, and the South Tyrol region. One of the most important of Austria travel suggestions is to take some time to tour the beautiful and notable art museums in the country, including the Schloss Charlottenburg Palace and the Austria National Museum. The food in Austria is another one of the highlights for travelers. It is possible to get delicious cuisine from all around the nation such as a smorgasbord of international dishes. The wine can be exceptional, with over 100 varieties available from the famed Rhine Valley. A number of the more popular dishes include Oktoberfest sausages, sausage, and geekier.

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