Lack of sex for husbands

When women go through pregnancy, in some cases like mine, my wife massively decreases the need for sex, while I’ve extremely high sex drive. How do the husbands relieve the sex need and not looking for it outside of marriage while still supporting the wife’s pregnancy? I understand the whole responsibility part but sex is just a physical need to be met (in my case). I know there are ways to distract from having sex like exercising etc, but I’m sure the husbands just can’t go sexless for a year or so? Any advice or experiences to share? Would greatly appreciate!

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me and hub didnt have sex as regular as i am not into sex that much. average of only once every 2 mths. he is fine with it. as we have talked abt it on how uncomfortable i am. even before pregnancy , we only have sex once a mth as i dont feel comfortable and hub fully understand my situation.

3y ago

Omg I think I’m same as u! I’m not so into sex (I think it stems off from staying with in laws in the initial 2 plus years and there zero privacy at all since there’s always ppl at home all the time and they are awake till after midnight. And I can easily hear what’s outside the room and I don’t feel comfortable). We’ve moved out to our own place for about a year plus and we really seldom have sex. Only try when ovulating cos wana try for baby and yay I’m preg now! Plus my period was so irregular kind like 40-60days. So imagine how long we do once. Thank God he understands my situation and doesn’t force on me. Thankful for him too. But for this pregnancy, I dowan my hub to feel that deprived lah. So after 1st trimester I started to be more comfortable having sex but not frequent also lah. At least he won’t need to wait 1 year.