Lack of sex for husbands

When women go through pregnancy, in some cases like mine, my wife massively decreases the need for sex, while I’ve extremely high sex drive. How do the husbands relieve the sex need and not looking for it outside of marriage while still supporting the wife’s pregnancy? I understand the whole responsibility part but sex is just a physical need to be met (in my case). I know there are ways to distract from having sex like exercising etc, but I’m sure the husbands just can’t go sexless for a year or so? Any advice or experiences to share? Would greatly appreciate!

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My situation is opposite of yours. Hubs think of it as not wanting to risk the idea of early labour for a temporary and short term gain. Maybe you can think of it in this perspective and in the meantime, your hand is your best friend.

3y ago

Hand is going to be best friend for a year I guess..