What sex do you hope your next baby will be?
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Gsto ko at ng hubby ko is girl naman kasi may girl ako panganay pero sa pagkadalaga ko sya anak! Tinanggap nmn nya un at turing ndin nyang anak. Ang first baby tlga nmen is boy kaya gsto nya nmn is girl para may baby din daw sya☺️☺️

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i wanted to have a girl on my 2nd since our first born is a boy but God gave us another boy and it's pretty fine for us as long as he will be healthy and safe when delivered 👶😊

I like to have another girl so that she can wear her sister's baby clothes. Just being practical though.

Sana sa susunod baby boy naman kasi may baby girl na kami ni mister ko. Para pares na 🙏🏻

i want her to be a boy but i got a girl. okay lang love ko siya 😍 kahit ano pa si baby

i have boy and girl na. Kaso si hubby sana daw boy ulit etong pinag bubuntis ko hehe


For me i don't care. i'm just thankful n blessed what God gives me 🙏

I have 4 boys, now im pregnant and hope get a baby girl😊

i want a baby boy cause that's my partner he wanted to be his junior