What indian foods can I give my baby to increase her height?

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There are various foods that really help in boosting the height in kids. Here are a few typically Indian food items you can try out: 1. Grains - Indians love eating rotis and chapatis and you can get your flour custom-made by adding a mix of grains. Some grains you can opt for are channa dal, jowar, ragi, bajra and soya beans. 2. Pumpkin seeds - In India, pumpkin seeds are used in many kitchens as a dry roasted form. You can add it in your baby's porridge, soup, dal, and actually in anything you make. 3. Spinach - It's a great height boosting food. You can add it to your baby's mashed vegetables mix, to khichdi, paratha, roti, soup, even in dishes such as palak paneer, palak dal, palak chicken and more. Or make yummy palak rice :) Do speak to your baby's doc before trying out any new food though.

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