What are the best toys to give to a baby less than 6 months?

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Thumb rule - no toys can be given to babies and leave without supervision, importantly when baby less than 6 months. Safety should be the first priority rather than variety when it comes to toys. Look for the type of material made - make sure it is bpa free and some cases whether can be sterilized. Secondly size - the bigger the size the better. This will help ensure that the baby cannot put it in his mouth. Lastly variety - prefer those with bright colors, lights, music. These attract their attention. Out of experience, bonus benefit is, these type of toys clam them down while they are cranky and crying. one last cautious note - make sure the batteries socket is securely locked. This could be really dangerous if the cells being used are those flat ones.

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My little one's first toy is her play gym with hanging toys. It helps her reach for something so as to exercise her arms. Whenever she touches one of the hanging toys, it would move, she could feel the grasp in her hands and hear the sound that it makes. In that sense, she would repeatedly do those things that would awaken her senses. Another thing is our curtain. We have this colorful curtain that whenever the wind blows, would move on top of her that she would scream out loud!!! It makes me smile that no other toys could give her that same effect, so yes, I consider it as her toy..

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U can give toys with hanging objects where baby can grasp and hold. Or toys like rattles where baby can shake. U can just get a small tin and place a coin inside, seal it up and make a rattle toy for ur baby! My baby loves the sound of it as it shakes. It is free and easy to bring around. I also give my baby some sensory exposure with textured books and cloth books .

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Super Mum

Big and safe teething toys as less than 6mths baby will tend to put things into their mouth often. Be sure to wash the toys or use baby wipes to clean the toys before use. Take note that when washing squeaky toys (e.g. Sophie giraffe, rubber ducky) the water inside toy must be drained off completely, if not algae will build up inside the toy

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Something similar to a Manhattan toy -- https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000BNCA4K/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468044956&sr=1-1&pi=SX200_QL40&dpPl=1&dpID=519tFAlXsJL&ref=plSrch It acts as a wonderful thing to develop grasping, works as a teether and isn't a choking hazard.

Below 6 months, baby will be discovering how his body woworks especially his hands and feet. Perhaps you can consider getting toys he can grasp and hold on to like a rattle or those activity bars. These will catch his attention and appeal to his senses.

You can consider getting a Sophie the Giraffe. Most babies will love it as it makes squeaking sound when pressed. On the other hand, you can use it as a teether !

baby below 6mths are curious babies.. they like things to grasp and hold..hanging objects or rattles will be Good for them to play with..

usually i would say a toy that have sounds and babies loves sounds but not too loud..Rattle would be great too eapecially the colours one..

Cloth book, cloth flash card? A small Play gym would be good too. They love looking into themselves in reflection too.