Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising

We hope everyone has been safe and well, during this period ? . For this Ask the Expert Session, the topic will be about 'How normal Asian parenting habits can inflict long term issues on children'. . Our Expert, Christine Wong: Founder &; Principal PsychoTrauma Coach for Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd, will be answering your questions all about asian parenting habits and cabin fever. . Don't forget to leave your questions in your comments section for Christine to answer!

Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising
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My husband shared with me that he doesn’t have a close relationship with his parents. They were always disciplining him by caning or scolding when he was young. He can be very critical and sarcastic and I am worried that he will see caning or scolding as the only way to discipline or teach our LO.

2y ago

There are many ways to support a child - I don't like to use the word discipline as it may carry many components of subtle or obvious abuse. Caning and beating is physical abuse no matter how much justification you put to it. It can also be verbal and emotional abuse, psychological abuse etc. For a start we must realise that there are 101 ways to support a child. Irregardless of the age they are in. Maybe for a start we take a look at our own internal helplessness first. When we are in this state, there are no other solutions. To compensate for this helplessness, we come up with quick ways to make us feel that we are in control. In return hurting the child.