Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising

We hope everyone has been safe and well, during this period ? . For this Ask the Expert Session, the topic will be about 'How normal Asian parenting habits can inflict long term issues on children'. . Our Expert, Christine Wong: Founder &; Principal PsychoTrauma Coach for Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd, will be answering your questions all about asian parenting habits and cabin fever. . Don't forget to leave your questions in your comments section for Christine to answer!

Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising
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My son who is going to be 13 has been away from school for more than 2 months...he gets anxiety attack when any family member leaves the house...repeatedly making sure we have our mask on and expects us to be home soonest possible...home is safe zone and he refuses to leave even if its just a short walk to the shop below to buy his snack. I am going to have problems when school can I help him overcome his anxiety?

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oh yes - so sorry, too much typing. The concept of death is also largely from the parents or grandparent's own fears. So we as adults must be very aware of the thoughts, fears, limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions etc. The child feels them all. if you want to find out more, you may register for a free seat for my parenting talk happening later @10:30pm. Get your free ticket