Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising

We hope everyone has been safe and well, during this period ? . For this Ask the Expert Session, the topic will be about 'How normal Asian parenting habits can inflict long term issues on children'. . Our Expert, Christine Wong: Founder &; Principal PsychoTrauma Coach for Rhemaworks International Pte Ltd, will be answering your questions all about asian parenting habits and cabin fever. . Don't forget to leave your questions in your comments section for Christine to answer!

Ask the Expert: unconscious emotional traumatising
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What is unconscious emotional trauma? Is it related to emotional abuse?

2y ago

Unconcsious means it is beyond us realising that it is hurting the child. Often justifying our own act-outs and failing to see our own emotional triggers as parents. The child has seen their parents and their parents’ parents, therefore they assumed it is normal. ************************************* E.g : Mary has a 5 years old son. She hits the child and screams at him when he spills the cup. After the incident she feels bad about reacting. When she does this often enough she realised that she is doing the same thing as her mother when she was young. E.g - Stella use a cane to hit her daughter. After hitting she makes the child feel that it is her fault - the child is only 4 years old. After she went through my coaching, she realises that it was her own emotions that got triggered when the child misbehaves, that the child has no wrong and the child is innocent - it is her own stress that she cannot manage - and therefore got triggered. She is doing to herself what her parents ha