The rainy season is here and I heard Leptospirosis is on the rise in the Philippines. How can we protect our kids from this scary disease?

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1. First and foremost, never expose the children to floodwater. If it can't be helped,require them to wear rain coverall, boots and rubber gloves. even goggles. 2. Wash meat/fruits/veggies in boiled water before cooking/consumption. 3. Drinking water should be boiled for 10-15 mins. "Physical filtration through ceramic orcharcoal filters is not adequate for leptospirosis." 4. Water&Food supply should be kept away from rodents' reach or any other cause of contamination 5. In case child is exposed to flood water, use of antibiotic prophylaxis will help decrease occurrence of clinical disease and death. Please note though, "Prophylactic antibiotics should be given under the supervision of a physician, who can give advice regarding effects, precautions and contraindications for these medications." All these info listed above are thoroughly detailed at Pediatric Infectious Disease Society of the Phils :) by the way, I included a pic of rain coveralls. I believe these works better than just rain coats.

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Wow, thanks for these tips, Mommy! This is helpful!