Any suggestions of milk for a lactose intolerance pregnant mommy? I used to drink dutch lady chocolate flavour milk but since i got pregnant, chocolates gave me uncomfort tummy..

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im lactose intolerance too.. i drink frisomum and have no problem but i wont recommend it as i gain 6kg in 1 month and my dr say its due to the milk..hahaha long story.. i suggest u drink anything that is plant base like soymilk or almond milk. i also read that yogurt is good too and i dont have any complications with it but thats just my experience. maybe try find something thats low in sugar cz u definately need to watch out for ur sugar intake. or just eat anything thats high in calcium.calcium supplements is a good option if u are interested.and maybe talk to ur health care provider what is best to consume especially now that u are pregnant

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