Empty sac at 5 weeks

Any mummies experience and empty sac at 5+ weeks? Any success/unsuccessful stories to share?🥲

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Super Mum

Mine was empty. According to my LMP I was 5+ but the doctor said the scan features looked more like 4-5 weeks. (I went for the scan because I had severe pain) I had a very difficuly 3 weeks of waiting for my next scan, and my heart burst with joy when I saw the heartbeat. It’s really really tough waiting, but hang in there, pray, and ask your husband to give you lots of hugs. There are many things we cannot control, good and bad, but I believe there is a reason for everyrhing. God bless you, dear. Take care! Hope you’ll have good news in a few weeks ❤️

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2y ago

thank you😊Quite paranoid now as it is my 2nd empty sac episode😣