Bottle recommendations???

Any recommendations for a baby that refuse to be bottle fed. She is 4 months old! We have been using dr brown wide neck bottle & she is refusing to drink !! Which brands or teats are well suited to breastfed babies????

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Mine only got sucessful after trying pigeon .

I used avents natural

NUK Nature sense

Actually its all trial and error. Have to depend on baby's preferences and if he or she suits. Like Dr Brown is an anti-colic bottle so their flow are slightly slower. So maybe its due to the slow flow your baby doesn't like. I know Avent has one of the fastest flow. U can try if u want but not all babies like fast flow. Like mentioned its all trial and error 😊

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Mine use Pigeon. He refused the other brands

Try the pigeon perili....bottle with the soft grandson also was not drinking so i bought it to try.good.he likes it.only hav patience.dont stress.thks

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Pigeon worked for my baby

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I use philips avent natural teats with spectra ppsu bottles with my bbg! She dislikes the classic fit, but the natural fit is similar to a nipple . Both spectra and philips avent bottles are good, can fit teats from pigeon as well.. If your bb has a preference.

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5mo ago

Okay thank you mummy will try!

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Pigeon or heegan