breastfeeding and raw food

is it okay to consume raw food while breastfeeding? e.g. sashimi

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Yes! If you like the taste of raw food such as sashimi then go for it! Unlike pregnancy, where bacteria or parasites from raw food can put your growing fetus in danger, there is no such risk during breastfeeding. However, whether its cooked or raw, you'll need to choose your fish or other raw food item carefully. Avoid fishes with high levels of mercury. These include: frozen tuna, striped bass, bluefish, Chilean sea bass, golden snapper, marlin, orange roughy, amberjack, and Crevalle jack. Instead, you can opt for salmon, trout, anchovies, herring, sardines, and shad per week. These will give you enough Omega-3 to be passed on to your baby through breastmilk; and contain minimal levels of mercury.

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