Crawling and standing

Is it normal for infant to skip crawling and went straight to standing up? My girl is 7 month 12 days old and she stood up on her own today while holding the side of her play pen. She can move on her tummy; not forward but backwards and she’ll at times move about using her backside. Is it true that baby who skipped crawling and cruising will have development issues like balancing etc? Should I be concern that she’s not crawling and/or cruising and went straight to standing?

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Perfectly normal! Not all babies crawl/cruise. Even my 8 mth old baby is the same as yours. He cruise instead of crawling and loves to stand while holding onto me, my hand, arm, my back or even my tummy then he thought he's 8 yrs old already he'll try to let go of his hand 😂 I have another 4 older kids. From what I remember, no. 2 and 4 skipped crawling and to learnt to walk at 10 and 11 mths old. No issue so far with their balancing whatsoever. They're 14 and 10 yrs old currently.

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