Any mummy experience skin problem during 8th month pregnancy? Itchy whole day esp more severe around legs in the middle of night, miserable & sleepless nights. Have seen gynae and skin Doctor but still can't help much.
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I had chicken pox towards the end of my first pregnancy 16 years ago, worst experience of my life. It gave this burning itchy sensation, could barely sleep..

Yes I am experiencing such scratch,I am 8 month but no rash Like that

I hv the same problem now... v itchy. I jus applied baby oil

Yes I had it when I was early state I pregnancy I went to clinic they give me a bottel benzyl benzoate it's stinky alot don't knw if you get it at pharmacy also

i had those during my first trimester.. i know it sucks too! the only thing that worked for me is oatmeal soap. it relieves itching and made my skin clear