Hi mummies what would u do if u find out that your husband is constantly stalking other girls

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If your spouse is doing those stuffs, surely somewhere something is wrong in the marriage. Always keep a lookout on what is wrong with the marriage😊 Either way, always find time for the spouse. Don't wait till issue get too big then no problem will be solved. Divorce is easy but to go through it is never easy. Good luck and take care😊

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Oh dearrr... Isn't that illegal?! Sounds to me like an addiction... do confront him and talk to him about it as soon as you can

Hi, I would straight away talk to him and share with me how that makes me feel and how that affects me. Talking is important

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Not cool. I would ask him why he’s doing it and share how it makes me feel

Confront him! Make sure it’s only cyber stalking n nothing more!

😱 this is not acceptable... pls have a word with him

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Try talk to him and encourage him to change

Ask him. Why would he do that? 🤔

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Talk to him openly about it.

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What?! I will confront him