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hi mummies! can recommend me good & affordable baby wipes and also a laundry detergent that smells nice on baby clothings. will be giving birth soon and im in a rush to prepare everything 😥😭 #firstbaby

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These are what I use. I buy baby items from Shopee or Carousell. Baby wipes: Jeju Soonsu Infanity JACL Baby detergent / Softener: Kodomo Laundry Detergent (Blue) Comfort Ultra Pure softener Downy Hypoallergenic softener (After 1 year old, I used normal detergent to wash, so far no allergies. I am using Breeze detergent and Downy softener) Milk Bottles & Milk bottle Cleanser: Dr Brown’s narrow neck Avent Anti-colic Pureen Liquid Cleanser (No flavour) Pump for breastmilk, breast pads & nipple cream: Spectra S1 (home usage) Spectra S9 (portable) Pigeon breast pads Moony breast pads Lansinoh nipple cream Medela nipple cream Breastmilk storage bags (store 60ml onwards lying flat in freezer / chest freezer) Tommee Tippee Autumz (Any milk storage bags works for me) Baby bath time: Kodomo Aveeno Cetaphil Baby Diaper rash cream: Desitin (blue for daily use) Desitin (purple for bad rash) Sudocrem

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Congratulations momma! 🙌🥰 exciting times. My recommendations; At first we are using pigeon wipes then discovered a better one which is “rascal baby wipes” 1 ply of it is equivalent to 2 ply of other brands. And when it comes to detergent, I’m.using the same brand what we're using for our clothes which is peril (you can check their sensitive as well). I think as long as you separate wash your baby clothes to other stuff, should be fine. I never choose specific detergent for just babies because I want my little one used to it and avoid sensitive skin.

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1mo ago

Got it from redmart (better deal) 😉

Hi Mummy! I have been using soon soon wipes since 2015 for baby and as my makeup remover.. baby detergent from kodomi in blue. You can get them from shopee/q0010.. different things works for different baby.. 😇

1mo ago

thank you mummy! i will check it out ☺️

I was using pigeon wipes. Now changed it to Bzu Bzu. You can try infanity too. Detergent currently using biohome.

Kodomo laundry detergent Huggies wet wipes

hoppi wet wipes is good and thick!

Cloversoft wipes and Pigeon for laundry